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Spay and neuter

Sterilization is a simple and inexpensive surgery that allows controlling the birth of dogs and cats.

Our main goal at Humane Society is to prevent the birth of as many pets as possible. 

Over population is directly linked to the decrease of animal wellbeing in a community. When the number of pets surpasses the communities capacity to take care of them, dogs and cats are forced to live in the streets vulnerable to all kind of dangers and illness.

Our spay and neuter strategies are the following: 

-Permanent free spay and neuter at clinic, for people's pets on appointment. 

-Massive free spay and neuter campaigns. 

-Multiple TNR strategies: our own weekly catch, spay/neuter and release that includes education of pet owners and TNR of high reproduction risk animals. 

We spay and neuter aproximately 3,000 pets each year. 

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