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Sponsor Me!

Sponsor an animal in need with a one-time donation through the Sponsor Me program. 

We know you can’t adopt all the cats and dogs, so we have a great option for you: T
he Sponsor Me program where you will donate to cover their food and veterinary expenses while they await their furever home! 

As a sponsor you will receive in your email a personalized thank you letter, three pictures and a video of your sponsored pet.

How to sponsor: 
1. Select the cat or dog you’d like to sponsor // 2. Add to cart // 3. Check out and receive your letter, photos and video by email. // *Prices in USD

When brought in, each dog has:
Physical examination 
Full blood tests 
Heartworm test 
Vaccination for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and adenovirus 
Bordatella vaccination
Monthly heart worm prevention medication
Flea and tick prevention medication
Full dental cleaning 

And each cat has:

Physical exam

Tested for FIV and Feline LeukemiaT

ested for heart worm

Full blood work

Dewormed and vaccinated

Flea and tick prevention medication


Full dental cleaning

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