Make wishes come true for our animals by donating items on our Wish List. These items help us care for them while they await their new homes.

Please contact us if you can donate any of the following items or if you wish to make a cash donation toward their purchase. New or gently used items are gratefully accepted!

Miscellaneous Items on our wish list:

  • KURANDA dog beds. Our dogs love these and we get a 30% shelter discount, easy to transport!  They offer a substantial discount when you purchase for registered shelters. Cat beds are good too! (We prefer the Standard Dog Bed, small or medium size, with the Cordura Fabric)
  • Dog collars (with hard plastic clasp) and leashes, small and medium sized. We need sturdy collars like these, please!
  • Cat collars (safety only, we prefer the stretch safety collars, but will accept all!)
  • Dog toys Kong and Nylabone preferred please!
  • Cat toys
  • Cat’s scratching posts
  • Cat beds
  • Gentle Leaders (training dog collars)
  • Slip Leads
  • Office supplies: pens, paper clips, scissors, markers, etc.
  • Old towels, pillowcases and soft fleece blankets
  • Sherpa bags (soft-sided kennels for traveling)
  • Kennels intermediate to large sizes
  • Snappy snares
  • Any tags of this site (we have the machine)

  Medical Materials on our wish list:

  • Absorbable sutures, mostly sizes 2-0 and 3-0, however, we occasionally use 0-0 and 4-0. PDS and Monocryl are preferred (we don’t use sutures expired over 6 months old, for the safety or the animals).
  • Sterile surgical gloves, sizes 6.5, 7 and 7.5
  • Shielded IV catheters, sizes 20, 22 and 24
  • Diagnostic tests: heartworm, parvo virus, feline leukemia/fiv, distemper.
  • Diff-quick stain
  • Coban dressing
  • Gauzes
  • Orthopedic pins
  • Spay/Neuter packs

 Medications on our wish list:

  • De-worming medications: fenbendazole, praziquantel, milbemax (for cats) or any broad-spectrum de-wormer
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Antibiotics (not expired, please, or they will not be allowed through customs). We can use a variety of them but our TOP priority is DOXICYCLINE
  • Triple Antibiotic cream
  • Clotrimazole, miconazole, hydrocortisone cream.
  • Ivermectin
  • Vetrycin spray (great for wound healing and fungal infections!)
  • Immiticide (treatment for heartworm)
  • Isofluorane
  • Pain medication injectable and oral: Rimadyl (carprofen), Meloxicam (Metacam), ketoprofen, Medetomidine (Dormitor- anaesthesic).
  • Butorphonol
  • Revolution (all sizes)
  • Medicated shampoos (all types)

 Equipment on our wish list:

  • Microscope slides and covers
  • Flexible thermometers
  • Ophthalmoscope

 Other Useful Equipment on our wish list:

 Items you can buy at the local grocery stores in Cozumel:

  • Canned food for dogs and cats
  • Shampoo for dogs
  • Treats for dogs and cats
  • Cat litter Sportsman Choice (Sam’s )
  • Metal dog bowls (the dogs tend to chew and destroy the plastic ones)

Cleaning Products:

  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Detergent for washing towels and bedding
  • Floor cleaner
  • Brooms, Floor Squeegees, Dust Pans