Elsa & Spock

Elsa female (cream siamese mix with blue eyes) & brother Spock male (black/white fluffy fur with heart shape on back). Heart wrenching story of rescue. The story of foster kittens and survivors ELSA & SPOCK (Heart Kitten ) We got a message thru a friend’s post that 3 kittens were left behind by a young mom cat in the street, barely 24 hours old. 2 of our volunteers went over immediately to find them. We tried reuniting the Mom with the babies but she herself was barely 5 months old and would not accept them.Thanks to Kevin and Amber Holt, they were taken in as fosters even at this fragile age. Sadly one just was not strong enough to make it, but look at these angels Elsa (female) & Spock (male) now at 6 weeks old! Spock is one of our Heart Kittens, with a heart outline in black on his back!

Elsa and  spock may 25

Elsa sleeping

spock 1 may 25

Spock heart

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