Maya, female 5 months old, weight 6.4 kg. He was found by one of our staff tied to a pole outside of Sam’s club with a wound on one leg, possibly a dog bite. Initially shy and reclusive, that was solved quickly with treats and is more and more social everyday. Admission date: November 4,

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Stella, female 6 months old, weight 9.5 kg. She was found wandering by herself in Colonia 10 de Abril. Her rescuers already have too many pets so they brought her to the HS. She is loving playing with the other dogs and has a sweet demeanor. Admission date: October 7, 2014

Patito 2


Patito, male 1.5 years, weight 8.1kg. He invited himself into the Partenon College on Calle 11 and the students picked him up. They thought he had a fractured front left leg. It turns out it is an old fracture that most likely mended on its own. Does not seem to effect him much at all,

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Wendy, female 9 months old, weight 9.1 kg. The person who was caring for Wendy was asked to do so by someone else, but then that person never would answer the phone to reclaim Wendy. The person caring for Wendy cannot keep her as her apartment is not pet friendly, so Wendy was left at

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Maryel, female 9 months old, weight 11.7kg. This sweet baby tried to find herself a home for 3 days in a neighborhood, but people just would kick and scare her hoping that she would go away. One neighbor, not happy with what he was seeing, brought her to the HS for protection and safety. She

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Ron, male 3 years old, weight 22 kg. He and his friend Potato moved themselves in with a nice American couple living on the island. Ron is such a big handsome dog. He is very playful and loves to horse around. They will remain in foster with Rebecca until we can find them a home.

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Potato, female 4 years old, weight 9.6 kg. This cute rotund Corgi mix and her friend Ron moved themselves in with a nice American couple living on the island. Potato is in treatment for heart worm infection. She is a sweet quiet dog and odd Ron is her friend – he can be overwhelming for

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Meche, female 2 years old, weight 19.7 kg. She was found by some foreigners living on the island very far back at Ave 135. She was very skinny, they kept her for a month. It looked like she was used to breed puppies. Often rottweiler puppies end up being used solely for property protection and

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Penny, female 1 year old, weight 10.7kg. This sweet Border Collie mix was going in and out of a secondary school for some weeks and some students were being cruel to her, often throwing things at her. Despite this treatment she remains quite friendly and has the softest fluffy coat. She loves to roll on

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Peluche female, 2 years old, weight 11.5kg. The day before the Ironman event Andrea, the adoption coordinator, was driving back to town on the transversal. Peluche was laying in the middle of the road. She did get up and entered a capa water substation. The workers in there said she had been hanging out about

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Morrison, male 3 years old, weight 18 kg. His story was widely reported on Facebook pages showing photos of him skin and bones laying on the pavement and unable to walk because he was so weak. Manuel, an active animal savior in Cozumel, went out and picked him up. Again another sad situation as a

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Doll, female 11 months old, weight 4.3 kg. A very stupid 15 year old received her as a gift expecting his summer job would last forever and he could care for her. She has skin problems, mild mange and he stopped giving her treatments. His aunt, who he lives with, insisted that the dog must

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Gelatina, female, 4 months old. Weight 5.7 kg. She was found all by herself on the streets. The family could not keep her due to having pets already. She adores playing non-stop and dances to receive hugs. Admission date: November 8, 2014



October, male 9 months old, weight 15kg. He was found next to a super market and he had paint on his face resembling the German Flag. His photo was widely shared on Facebook. His rescuers fostered him for some time until they could not any longer, so he is now at the HS. He is

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Charlie, male 1 year old weight 13 kg. Charlie is so handsome! He was found on his own and a man who fed him tortillas said that Charlie was so friendly he worried he was lost, so he brought him to the HS. Unfortunately, nobody has ever come to look for this sweet boy. He

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