Corona, female, 3 months old, weight 3.3 kg. She was found by a man on his tricycle on Ave 65 near the Corona beer factory. The man felt so bad to leave her behind, but he already has 3 dogs at home and limited income so he brought her to the HS. She was covered

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Blacky, male 6 months old, weight 12.2 kg. He was found wounded and bleeding on Ave 40 and Calle 10. The rescuers had seen him wandering around on his own in the same area before. They brought him for medical attention. He has a very high fracture to the humerus bone and it will require

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Bianca, female 1 year old, weight 5.7 kg. A group of kids found her on their way to buy tortillas.  They tried to keep her but their father said no as they already own 3 big dogs. She was already previously spayed and nobody has come to look for her so she is now up

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Angelina, female 6 years old, weight 8.4 kg. She was found by a man in an empty lot between Ave 90 between Calle 12 and 14. She was tangled in some branches with the chain that had been dragging behind her, poor baby! She is very scared right now as she is in quarantine, but

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Anastasia, female 1 year old, weight 12.1 kg. Some people had arrived at the shelter with the intention to leave her. Zule, our tech supervisor, had a long talk with them and they ended up taking her home. Not too long after, she found her abandoned and hungry near a taco stand, so then brought

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Frida, female 2 months old weight 1.5 kg. She appeared at a house on Ave 20 in Corpus Christi very early one morning shaking and unsteady. She is recovering and being treated for mange. She loves being hugged and playing with her toys. Admission date December 26, 2014



Winston, male 11 months old, weight 4.2 kg. He was witnessed being run over by a truck, amazingly he survived with only a hip fracture that is healing on it’s own with medical therapy only. He is a sweet little boy, that likes to be petted and talked to. Admission date December 20, 2014



Venus, female 11 months old weight 23.4 kg. This beautiful loving girl decided to invite herself to a picnic that Sarah, one of our volunteers, was having with her family and her dogs. She stayed all day long. She is quite a friendly girl but does not like being in the quarantine kennels so she

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Coco, female 10 months old, weight 11.5 kg. She was rescued by an animal lover on the island. She was very shy but is coming around. She had a touch of mange around her eyes but it’s almost already healed. Once out of quarantine we know she will blossom and be a very sweet puppy.

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Chucho is male, 11 months, weight 11 kg. He was found laying motionless in a pool of his own feces and urine after apparently being hit by a car. He was rushed to the HS for help. It would seem he actually had gotten poisoned somehow. He bounced right back with treatment. He is a

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UPDATE:  Donna has been adopted and needs an escort on American Airlines or Delta to any of these cities:  Columbus, OH, Cincinatti, Dayton, Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Indianapolis.  Please contact us asap if you can help! Donna, female, 1.5 years old, weight 12 kg. She was found in the industrial zone on the island sheltering below

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Bruno, male 1 year old, weight 27 kg. He was found near the ferry pier downtown, he was covered in ticks and was already neutered. His rescuer took him to a vet to get cleaned up but could not keep him. He is a big mushy, lovey dog that gives hugs whenever possible. He is

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Fido, male 5 months old, weight 9.1 kg. Poor Fido, he was adopted but the family brought him back as they left a 3 year old girl unsupervised to play with him and she got in his face and he nipped her. So the family claims he does not like children. No amount of speaking

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter, male 1 year old, weight 15 kg. He was hit by a car and the HS responded to the report he needed help. He was hit on 65 and R. Salas. He was in a lot of pain initially, but no severe injuries. The cut to his forehead reminded the staff of Harry

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Stella, female 6 months old, weight 9.5 kg. She was found wandering by herself in Colonia 10 de Abril. Her rescuers already have too many pets so they brought her to the HS. She is loving playing with the other dogs and has a sweet demeanor. Admission date: October 7, 2014