Candy Candy

Candy Candy, female 3 months old, weight 3.2 kg. She was witnessed being thrown out of a car to the side of the road and then they drove away. The rescuers could not keep her so they brought her to the HS. She is a very sweet puppy, loves having attention and loves playing with

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Lucy, female, 11 months old, weight 9.7 kg. She went into a random house looking for food and shelter. Unfortunately she was not welcome so she was brought to the HS. Initially a little shy and overwhelmed but really likes to be petted and comforted. Very, very sweet low shed dog. Admission date February 7,

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Cowy, female, 7 months old, weight 10.3 kg. Cowy was following people on busy Ave 65. She liked to play and chase people she encountered. A person was very concerned she would be hit by a car, so he brought her to the Humane Society in hopes of finding her a home. She is very

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Yoko female, 1.5 years old, weight 14 kg. Her owner brought her for consult after she had given birth a week before digging a burrow for her puppies in the very poor rural area of Las Fincas. She could not stand up and her milk had dried up. All she needed was proper nutrition and

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Gino, male 2 years old, 8.9 kg. He was picked up by out reach volunteers for neuter. The plan was to return him to the area where a women was feeding him, but he was really thin, every single spine bone showing. The decision was made by the team to not return him to this

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Lobo, 1.5 years old, 19 kg. This is just the most amazing dog and we want to help him! He is a street dog that some ranch people feed near the Humane society. Lobo comes every single day and visits the Humane Society. He is such a sociable dog! We are all in love with

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Milo, male 9 months old, weight 11kg. This fluffy stout puppy was found by a man on Ave 65 near the Naval station, already neutered and wearing a anti-tick collar and blue leash. His rescuer adopted him, but found it too overwhelming to have him plus his other pets so he was brought back for

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Sophie, female, 1 year old, weight 5.7 kg. She was found living alone in the woods behind a grocery store, covered in ticks and fleas. She was terrified her first day at HS, but has soon become more comfortable and appreciating having food and attention. Admission date: January 24, 2015



Anastasia, female 1 year old, weight 12.1 kg. Some people had arrived at the shelter with the intention to leave her. Zule, our tech supervisor, had a long talk with them and they ended up taking her home. Not too long after, she found her abandoned and hungry near a taco stand, so then brought

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Chucho is male, 11 months, weight 11 kg. He was found laying motionless in a pool of his own feces and urine after apparently being hit by a car. He was rushed to the HS for help. It would seem he actually had gotten poisoned somehow. He bounced right back with treatment. He is a

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Ron, male 3 years old, weight 22 kg. He and his friend Potato moved themselves in with a nice American couple living on the island. Ron is such a big handsome dog. He is very playful and loves to horse around. They will remain in foster with Rebecca until we can find them a home.

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Potato, female 4 years old, weight 9.6 kg. This cute rotund Corgi mix and her friend Ron moved themselves in with a nice American couple living on the island. Potato is in treatment for heart worm infection. She is a sweet quiet dog and odd Ron is her friend – he can be overwhelming for

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Penny, female 1 year old, weight 10.7kg. This sweet Border Collie mix was going in and out of a secondary school for some weeks and some students were being cruel to her, often throwing things at her. Despite this treatment she remains quite friendly and has the softest fluffy coat. She loves to roll on

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Peluche female, 2 years old, weight 11.5kg. The day before the Ironman event Andrea, the adoption coordinator, was driving back to town on the transversal. Peluche was laying in the middle of the road. She did get up and entered a capa water substation. The workers in there said she had been hanging out about

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Charlie, male 1 year old weight 13 kg. Charlie is so handsome! He was found on his own and a man who fed him tortillas said that Charlie was so friendly he worried he was lost, so he brought him to the HS. Unfortunately, nobody has ever come to look for this sweet boy. He

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