Violet, female 1 year old 5.2 kg. She arrived to a woman’s doorstep in colonia nueva generacion. She kept her for 4 days and cut her hair and did a great job. She has two large dogs and a very small house so she brought her to the HS. Well Violet is in love with

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Shane, female 4 months old, weight 4.8 kg. This crazy girl was found in front of Villa Blanca hotel chasing cars and motorcycles. A man managed to catch her before she got herself killed! She is a an adorable friendly playful little poodle mix. Admission date: September 7, 2014 



Lily female 3 months old, weight 4.8 kg. She was found outside a house run over and bleeding. The family fearing the worst brought her to the HS for help. She was left there as the family could not afford the treatment. She is recovering nicely and is a very cute puppy. Admission date: September

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Jamie male 2.5 months old. He was left at a volunteer’s house late one night. He is adorable and a very curious puppy, eager to learn and give kisses and hugs. Admission date: September 7, 2014



Archie male 2 months old, weight 1.8 kg. This tiny guy was walking all by himself on busy Ave 65. He demands attention and loves his stuffed animals which he plays with a lot. Very loving sweet puppy. Admission date: August 31, 2014



Terry, male 1 year old, weight 12 kg. Terry is absolutely adorable and loves having his belly rubbed. He as sadly found tied up with no food, water or shade sitting under the sun. He was covered in ticks and suffering from constant scratching. He is feeling so much better and is a very happy

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Magdalena, female 1 year old, weight 10.2 kg. She was found near a gym where they practice boxing in the colonia Emiliano Zapata. She has 6 15 day old puppies she is nursing. Initially very scared for herself and puppies she was guarding heavily, but now she feels safe and is nursing her puppies peacefully.

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Kika, female 1.5 yrs old. weight 11 kg. She was found wandering near a park at 90 Ave. Some mean kids captured her with a rope and were treating her like a bull and a woman witnessing this rescued her from them. She kept her two days before bringing her to HS. She is already

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Bambi, female 1 year old, weight 9.8 kg. Our best breed guess is sharpei/chihuahua, but possibly xolo also. She survived by herself in a neighborhood where a little restaurant fed her for a month. Sanitation authorities told them they had to get rid of her, so they brought her to the shelter for safety and

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Anthony, male 3 months old, 6 kg. He was wandering in traffic with his sibling and mother. A volunteer was able to capture him but not the rest. He is a cute terrier mix, loving attention and care. Admission date: September 2, 2014



Amber, female, 3 months old, weight 4.1 kg. She was found all alone on a very busy street: 60 between 17 and 19. She was almost hit by a car before kind people rescued her. she is a sweet little puppy very cute, loves hugs and treats! Admission date: August 9, 2014



Lullaby, female, 1.5 years old, weight 7 kg. Her story is just so sad! She found shelter under a car where she was observed to give birth to 9 puppies. Sadly all but one puppy died, so the people that saw all this happening decided to bring her to the HS to give her and

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Keiko male 15 days old. He is the only surviving puppy to mom Lullaby. We will update his photo as he grows and is ready for adoption. Admission date: August 25, 2014 



Descartes, male 8 years old, weight 14 kg. This spaniel boy arrived to a person’s doorstep all by himself. He had badly infected eyes and some skin problems so they brought him to the HS. They are following his story and his progress. We hope despite he is a bit older he will find a

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Boo, female 2 years old, weight 9 kg. She was found wandering around Col. Colonos Cuzamil between Paamul Telchack and 20 ave. This adorable dog look like she needed help, so she was rescued and brought to the shelter. She is so cute and cuddly. Unfortunately she has heart worm and needs to be treated.

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