Male, 1 year, weights 2.8 Kg. Arrived on Sep-10-15: Little Max was founded in the middle of the road in Av 40 in Colonia Adolfo Lopez Mateos. A man driving a Moving Company truck spot him laying in the street. He was injured and was suffering. He looked sad. After recovering he turn out to be a happy loving dog. He likes to jump and loves to explore.

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Male, 2 years, weights 5.4 Kg. Arrived on Sep-12-15: One day a loud tire screech was heard outside the shelter. A few minutes later this little dog appeared. His fur was so long and tangled it look like an unsheared sheep. He was neutered and very dirty. After a session with the razor machine he felt way comfortable and happy. Is super friendly.

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Male, 10 months, weights 9 Kg. Arrived on Sep-20-2015. Acme was found alone in the streets and was taken back to a house in Colonia Maravilla. Unfortunately the family that took him have a newborn baby and they wont have time to feed him and tend him properly. At the beginning he was scared but now he is more relaxed and way happier. Looks like a coyote.

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Female, 1.5 months, weights 1.1 Kg. Arrived on Sep-14-2015. Rufina was abandoned in a backyard of a house in Colonia 10 de Abril. It appears that someone snuck inside the residence and left her under a tree. The owners of the house dint notice her until their dogs barked at her. She was dirty and had a wound. She is curious and playful.

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Female, 1 month, weights 500 gr. Arrived on Sep-26-15. This gorgeous little baby was abandoned in the jungle on Colonia Flamingos. She managed to cross the road when a woman on motorcycle spot her in time and picked her up. She was malnourished and had mange. Because the lady had pets she couldn’t take care of her so she left her at HS for the better. She now is in foster care and is gaining weight as well as getting healthier. She is bold and vigorous.

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Male, 6 months, weighs 8.5 Kg. Arrived on Aug-28-15: He was rescued from thee street by a volunteer of Humane Society. He took care of him and almost end up adopting him but because of economical issues this man had to leave Cozumel and left Toño at HS care. During his time in foster care Toño made friends with Ava and they get along very well.

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Male, 4.5 months, weighs 4.3 Kg. Arrived on Sep-6-15: Tocino was abandoned by his owners due to a family member because is diabetic. This person had a leg amputated and decided it would be difficult to have him since he is a bit energetic. Tocino is super happy and curious. Loves hugs and play with his caretakers. His name means Bacon.

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Male, 1.5 months, weighs 1.2 Kg. Arrived on Aug-28-2015. Niko and his siblings were born to Chabela under a water tank during the heavy rain season. They likes to wrestle with his siblings and is super nice.

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Female, 1.5 months, weighs 1.2 Kg. Arrived on Aug-28-2015. Nikita and her siblings were born to Chabela under a water tank during the heavy rain season. They likes to wrestle with her siblings and is super nice.

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Female, 7 months, weighs 8.6 Kg. Arrived on May-18-15. HS Entry Aug-28-15 Little Ava was rescued by Jamie Burns one day she showed up to her front gate and collapsed. She was very tired and thirsty and had a nasty wound on her forehead. Jamie and Aracely nurse her back and was in foster care for a while. But the foster had to leave Cozumel so she was left in HS. She is very playful and friendly.

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Male, 1 year, weights 5.5 Kg. Arrived on Aug-19-15. Xocolate was wandering around the Av Zamna close to Colonia Magisterio. A couple took him and brought him to HS. He is very noble and friendly and bonds easily with people. He was posted at HS but nobody has come to reclaim him.

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Female, 4 months, weights 7.3 Kg. Arrived on Aug-20-15. Tere Nolasco rescued her from the street. She had a fracture on her left hind leg but she had a surgery and recovered nicely. She was with Tere for about a month but she has so many rescues Tere had to left her at HS. She is super playful and likes to jump to get your attention.

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Male. 9 months , weights 12.2 Kg. Arrived on Apr­ 1 2015. Green was returned to HS because the owner
had to leave the island for studies and couldn’t take care of him. He was adopted on Apr­ 24­ 2015 and
surrendered on May 25 2015. He is quiet and calm.

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Female. 1 year , weights 18.4 Kg. Arrived on May­ 20­15. Tequila was wandering in the Carretera Hotelera Norte heading towards Passion Island. She is a cute lovely dog, super friendly and loves hugs. She has a lot of energy.

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Male, 1 year, weights 7.4 Kg. Arrived on Aug-4-15: Manchas was brought into our shelter as if he was the most wild and aggressive dog in the world. He was imprisoned in a tiny container of plastic, tied up by his neck, they used the rope to immobilize him and he was laying on the metal floor of a truck that was very hot. He was soaked in water their crazy belief that would calm the beast. It turns out he was very scared and confused. The family that surrendered him never pet him or played with him, and they eventually left him with us. Now that he’s getting some real attention he’s become super playful loves to give kisses and hugs and jumps all over his caretakers.

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