Nala, female 4 months old, weight 6.9 kg. She was found all alone on the road that leads to the airport. She was very clean and looked well fed. Nobody has come to look for her. She is a typical adorable playful puppy. Admission date: April 10, 2014



Tony, male 1 year old, weight 13.3 kg. A woman found him chasing motorcycles on a busy street one day and as a result people were throwing rocks at him. He has that gorgeous scruffy type fur absolutely adorable and loves to give bashful licks to all! Admission date April 4, 2014



Quesadilla, female, 3 years old weight 16.7 kg. She was reported as a stray on the road that crosses the island to the east side. She has had some sort of injury in the past to her upper right side jaw, which makes her smile in a lopsided way. She is very affectionate and actively

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Principe, male 4 years old, weight 5.3 kg. A woman witnessed him being hit by a car. Her neighbor who owned the dog, denied owning him once he was injured. He has a nasty skin de-gloving injury to his back leg. The woman could not afford the treatment a private vet subscribed and she was

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Huesos, female 1 year old, weight 15.4 kg. Huesos was cared for by a nice man who worked for Transcaribe. His job ended and he was afraid that others would not care for the stray dogs he cared for. He took 5 of them home, but extended family members were not accepting of him bringing

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Frida, female, 2 years old, weight 20.6 kg. Poor Frida, she had a family since she was a little puppy. Her owner was diagnosed with a health problem and the doctor strictly told the family to get rid of the dog! Frida was in utter shock to be left at a shelter, but has come

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Asvin, male 1 year old, weight 7.95 kg. He was found by a man in front of Santander bank and Asvin followed him. He had a choke chain collar and rabies vaccine tag, but no name tag. Nobody has come to claim him so he is now up for adoption. He is very affectionate calm

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Capi, male 1 year old, weight 13 kg. Poor Capi was abandoned by his owner for 3 weeks, a neighbor fed him hoping the family would come back, but they never did so he was brought to the shelter. He started off shy, but is responding to hugs and petting. He is a beautiful dog

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Kenya, female 1 year old, weight 5.3 kg. She arrived at a person’s home, her hair so matted she had a hard time walking and could not see. After a two hour shave down, we found this beautiful dog underneath all of that awful matted fur. She is an adorable very sweet dog, very loving

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Tara, female, 5 months old, weight 9.2 kg. She was found hiding, scared and confused under the car of one of our employees in front of her home. She is learning to trust people and once she is done with her quarantine will be able to play with the other puppies. Admission date: April 2,

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Sonrisa, male, approx 11 kg. His name is Smiles in English. This is a courtesy post for Frederico Balderas. This sweet boy arrived at his house, very affectionate very thin, he hung around for a few days and was fed. ‘Fede’ has many rescues already. When Sonrisas smiles, it is very cute, he has an

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Ale, female 1.5 years old, weight 16 kg. This playful loving pit bull mix was found laying on her back, showing her belly one morning in our outdoor garden where pets are often abandoned. There was a note that said we are sorry to leave her like this, but we cannot keep her. She loves

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Asur, female, 1.5 years old, weight 10 kg. Asur is the famous black dog that was living at the airport. Many, many tried to catch her. A person privately took on rescuing her and with the help of animal control she was finally captured and then taken to a private vet. Her rescuer could not

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Bobox, male, 1.5 years old, weight 15 kg. Bobox was running around having a great time at the Puerta Maya cruise ship pier. A security officer caught up with him and brought him to the Humane Society. He had a nice collar but no name tag. Sadly nobody has come looking for this handsome boy!

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Crib, male, 2 years old, weight 14.7kg. He and his friend Domino were found very far south on the island near Palancar, trying to cross the road. Tim and Sally, HS sponsors, stopped and the dogs came running to them and hitched a ride to the shelter. Both are in really good shape and we

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