Pitufina, 2 months old, weight 2 kg. This tiny puppy was found by a family visiting Valladolid, a city in the Yucutan. She was all alone at the side of the road. They brought her back to Cozumel and due to having two dogs already and that she needed skin treatment, they brought her to

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Ixchel, female 2 months old, weight 3.7kg. She was born inside the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. She was the only survivor of her litter, all the others died. Her parents are very feral and hard to catch, but the park is trying hard to capture them for spay/neuter and release. She is a little

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Isaac, male 6 months old, weight 9 kg. He sought refuge at a family member’s house, but they already have too many pets. They noticed how nice and friendly and cute he is. He loves to play and is super friendly! He was most likely a lost dog because he had already been neutered, but

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Hachi, male, 3 months old, weight 5.2 kg. He was found on a busy street almost run over by a car. The lady tried to find a foster and did for a short time, but there was a divorce and they could not keep him. He is an adorable puppy that loves belly rubs and

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Forforo, male 6 months, weight 8 kg. Poor Forforo was with a trio of drunk men with a makeshift leash, dragging him with a severely injured left back leg, with exposed muscle and sand in it. Animal control was called to rescue him. They brought him to HS after they took him away. He is

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Bugambilio male 5 months old, weight 9 kg. He was adopted when he was little puppy, one of mama Nona’s 9! The family brought him back at 3 months old. Apparently the daughter had a problem, but the mother tearfully begged for him to be given back. They had their second chance! Well now they

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Valiente, male 1 year old, weight 8.5 kg. He was found by the restaurant on the water front street called Tio Jose. He had an injured back leg. His rescuer kept him for a week before bringing him to the shelter. He is a very nice gentle dog, nobody has come to claim him so

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Susy, female 2 years old, weight 10.5 kg. The owner of Susy arrived at the shelter saying her landlady kicked Susy out because of how many ticks Susy brought into the apartment. The staff tried to convince her to take responsibility offering a tick bath and medication. She promised to come back but never did

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Lenguas, male 1 year old, weight 10 kg. He was reported to the HS as very malnourished seeking shelter at a family’s door step. They fed him and gave him water but could not keep him. He is such a funny, loving dog. He has a long tongue (hence his name in Spanish), so it

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Julieta, female 1 year old, weight 16 kg. She was found on the street laying motionless on the pavement. The people that rescued her gave her food and she ate like she was starving and seemed lost. She knows how to walk on a leash and the rescuers said it seems she is house broken.

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JC, male 1 year, weight 17 kg. He was at the door step one morning at Jamie Burns house. She lives near the airport, a very frequent dumping ground for unwanted pets. She brought him for neuter, hoping he was just a neighborhood dog. Well JC was not willing to be anywhere but at Jamie’s

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Karina, female 2 years old, weight 15 kg. She was found by Melissa far south on the island near the Allegro hotel. She was very hungry and most likely abandoned, since she had already been spayed. She is a very calm loving dog that loves to cuddle and give hugs. She very much enjoys going

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Elsa, female 2 months old, weight 2.8kg. She was found next to the Transcaribe car ferry with her sister Ana. The people that found them asked all around if they belonged to anybody. They were quite fearful they would be hit by a car, so they brought them to HS. Elsa is slightly bigger than

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Chabela, female 1.5 years old, weight 8 kg. She was found near the International pier. Her rescuers kept her for a couple of weeks, but could not maintain her due to owning several pets already. She is very sweet, energetic, loves to play and give lots of kisses. Admission date: June 25, 2014



Boxita, female 1 year old, weight 9 kg. She was found on the streets and suffering from what appears to be dog bites to her back and front leg. She obviously had puppies recently but none were found. This little spaniel mix is a little shy at first, but very well behaved and calm. Admission

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